Redux Luxe LLC is a Los Angeles based production company that provides each client with solutions to their media based needs. Our crew and gear are adaptable to nearly any creative challenge set before us.


Photography & Video Production


♦ Commercials ♦ Multi-Camera Live-Streaming ♦  Weddings ♦

♦ Drone Aerials ♦ Behind The Scenes ♦ Live Events ♦

♦ Modeling ♦ Real Estate ♦ Product Images ♦ Creative Narratives ♦

♦ 360 Degree and Virtual Reality Video (Coming May 2020) ♦

Our Crew

Peter E. VanLoo

Peter E. VanLoo

Founder & Head of Cleveland Operations
23. Los Angeles born & raised. Double major in Economics and Television Production from California State University Northridge, graduated in 2020, then moved to Cleveland to co-develop Ugly Box AI in partnership with Soltys Cameras.  

Liam Hall
Live Stage Productions

Abria Flack
Graphic Design & Merchandising

Krina Gajjar
Creative Producer

Denison Kappas
Head of San Diego Operations

Taylor Hertz
Music Composer

AJ Newman
Writer & Actor

Bryan Jaylo
Head of Los Angeles Operations

Our Gear

Main Camera - Z Cam E2 F8Second Camera - Z Cam E2
Drone Aerials - DJI Mavic Mini
360 Degree & 8k 3D VR Camera - Coming May 2020

The Z Cam E2 F8 was released in late 2019 / early 2020 as part of the flagship cinema camera series from Z cam to follow up their industry success, the E2. This camera is capable of recording in up to 8k resolution in a variety of formats including zRAW, ProRes, and H.265 in bit rates surpassing 1.2 gigabytes per second. While consuming content in 8k is still many years away, filming in the highest resolutions and fidelity available allow editors the flexibility of cropping the image up to 400% and still deliver in 4k resolution. This camera is catered towards film makers, but it’s no slouch when it comes to still images, allowing 33.2 Megapixel RAW pictures on the go, outperforming many high end professional photography cameras.

The second camera is built to focused on nothing but speed, being lightweight and portable, this compact body packs a punch, recording in up to 160 fps in 4k and 240fps when the resolution is dropped to 1080p.

For complicated interior moving shots we rely on a DJI Mavic Mini, that weighs in at just under the 500 gram weight requirement, which allows it to be flown in many more environments that are restricted for larger drones. For exteriors this drone allows us to capture videos that would normally require thousands of dollars in complicated and clunky gear such as jibs, dollys, and cranes, saving both time on set and money for our clients.